The Big Day...


Well, here it is! The Big Day! The First Day of School!!!

Miss Kate was so excited this morning she woke up extra early and got dressed right away...then she spent the next 2 hours ( exaggeration here) brushing her newly-5"-shorter hair. By the time she jumped on the bus, her nerves had calmed a bit and she was in full back-to-school mode.

These are the back-to-school gifts that we made for the teachers this year...little note pad folders...the idea came from Rhonna Farrer and is just perfect (in my opinion) for a small gift.

The graphics are from House of 3's new Fall Junque collection and they are FAB-U-LOUS!!! I can't get enough of them...I forsee all future school gifts and scrap pages adorned with these amazing items.

Tomorrow my kindergartner has his first day...exciting!!! Can't wait to see how he'll do! And I can't wait until 3:30 to see how K's first day went!

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