my favorite time of year...

Well, the fall is officially here! Yay!

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year...I love the colors, the brisk weather, the football games, everything... ESPECIALLY Halloween! When I was growing up, Halloween never really did too much for me. But now that I have kids, I'll tell 'ya, I just can't wait for it every year!

Last weekend, the kids and I took down all of the summer home decor and put up the fall stuff (well, actually, the kids got bored after they realized that this job entailed cleaning, and they left me after about 6 minutes to do the work on my own...) . And this week I've been working on getting projects done for the Halloween decorations that will go up on October 1. We're having our Halloween party in a couple of weeks and I absolutely can NOT wait to get everything together!

I have some sneak peeks of the projects I've been working on...wanna see?

*First a little sneak of a paper banner...

*And some little peaks at my Halloween party invitations... (made using some of House of 3's amazing Halloween sets)

* And finally a fabric banner that's in the works...

I can't wait to show you more of these projects as I complete them!

Happy Autumn!!!

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