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A few days ago I was over at Susie Harris' blog (awesome...go check it out) and saw this fantastic idea for a countdown board that she had made. I knew I needed to make one...

We countdown everything around here...days until Friday, days until holidays, days until birthdays, days until garbage day (no...seriously...we usually have so much trash we have to make sure we can fit it all in the bin...;)). Sooooo, here's what I came up with:

It's a little different than Susie's...well, it's actually really different. But I like the final product...hope you do, too!

*So this is what I started with...
I had this old "art" piece that I snagged from Marshall's on clearance - it was like $.50 or something - it was terribly ugly, but how could I not buy it at just 50 cents?!?!?!
In this photo I have already started to tear the printed paper off of the front.

*I started to get impatient, so I stopped trying to remove all of the paper (you'll see why it really doesn't matter in a minute). Then I spraypainted the whole piece with a matte black paint. After 3 coats of paint (I'm not that great at spraypainting, obviously...) I sealed the piece with a gloss sealer just to remove that chalky paint feeling and to give it a little shine.

*When the piece was completely dry (I think I waited a few hours), I took a couple of these super-cool adhesive chalkboard sheets I found at Michaels ($1.99 for 3!) and stuck them to the front of the board. My space was about 12x12 and the sheets were only 8 1/2 by 11, so I ended up cutting a little off two of the sheets and having a seam in the middle of the board...

*Then I sat down with my Silhouette and cut the words "days until" and the two brackets out of vinyl...applied them to the front of the piece and, voila!

*I really like the way it turned out...but I did come to realize I can't write on a chalkboard...nope, not at all. I think I tried writing the "34" and "spring" about 6 times each and they still look funny to me...maybe the number/event changing can be Kate's new job...

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  1. love this project Maggie!
    im with you on the countdown.
    we have had a bit of a warm up, and its been lovely

  2. i love this! very fun and flexible... cute cute. :)

  3. Great project!
    Is is okay to countdown the hours till the kids go BACK to school each weekend?
    Just askin'....

  4. LOVE this! Thank you for posting on FlamingoToes party!

  5. very cute!! I might have to copy this one!

  6. Oooh. You put up my button. ;) That just makes my night.
    I love this sign - I'd seen it somewhere else and I was so thrilled when you linked it up to Think Pink Sundays!
    I am really going to have to break down and get a Silhouette!! :)

  7. Saw you at Think Pink. What a fabulous sign. I have never seen those sheets at Michael's I know where I am going tomorrow! Lovely blog. I am a new follower.
    504 Main

  8. oh wow where did you get the chalkboard sheet?
    would luv for you to add it to our linking party this week.

  9. Thanks again for linking up to Think Pink! I featured this today!

  10. I love this project. Perfect for kids who "CAN'T WAIT" for ---- anything! :) And I think your handwriting looks just fine! :)


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