Snow-mageddon 2011...the aftermath...

We've made it through what the meteorologists were expecting to be the greatest blizzard in recorded history (in the Chicago area). Well, it turned out that it was the 3rd greatest blizzard (what a mediocre finish...) - and now it's over...and now it's cooooold.

But we did get some fun snow-playin' time in before the temp dropped...

I was actually standing eye-to-eye with my son when I took this photo...the snow drifts in our driveway were that high...

Here's Kate hauling snow from the neighbors' houses over to ours, because we just don't have enough...hmmm...


  1. this all looks very familiar!!

  2. SOOO glad you are back , Maggie!
    Love to see the snow photos. What fun.

  3. Where's Tyler? Hope he enjoyed it too!


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