celebrate spring...


Just a little something I made to help celebrate the arrival of spring...DARN IT, SPRING! Would you arrive already?!?!?! (she begs from under her blanket while the temp drops below 35, again...)

...bird house, $1.00 - Target, was HOT PINK in a former life
...urn, $.50 (that's cents, folks) from a garage sale about 15 years ago- bright yellow previously

...hand-cut & distressed flags - my never-ending printed paper pile
...little button flower from evalicious

...hand-cut flag with Rhonna Farrer printable
...moss & little green floral thingies - Hobby Lobby
...little yellow buttons & pearl bead - my stash
...baker's twine - Martha Stewart (Michaels)

...banner hand-cut from vintage linens

Made it while watching "Breakout Kings" - have you seen that??? Love. it.
That big cop looks and talks EXACTLY like my friend's husband...creepy.

Total cost: $1 (the birdhouse) - everything else I had on hand. Yay me!

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