some time in the park...AND new pillowcases!

Today was one of our first warm afternoons...the kids have been begging and pleading with me every waking moment of every freaking day asking nicely to go to the park, so today after school, we/I  gave in  decided to go. The kids had a super time (especially Kate, who found some "older" girls [who were like 10...;)] to play with)...

The ride home was a little tougher than the ride there...I had to keep explaining to Gray why we are NOT going to get him a 4-wheeler, and that "yes, those boys were young and their mom's are probably totally cool," but "I'M your mom, and I say no" - and yes, I am that "because I said so" mom...

I also had to try to convince Ty that the mud would come out of his pants..."yes, baby, I know they're your, baby, I don't think they're broken..."

Good times.

I also made some new pillowcases! Yay!
I made some new linen cases about a year ago, but I made them too short (?) and we were constantly struggling to keep our pillows in them. Soooo, this time I increased their length, added a little "pocket" so that the pillows don't slide out, and dressed them up a bit. Even though these pillows are usually hidden behind some deco pillows, I thought they would look neat if they were a little fancy...

Enter my Silhouette machine...

I used the new fabric interfacing they have over at Silhouette, cut the design on the machine, ironed it on to the case & hand-stitched (oh, yes, I did just say hand-stitched) the damask to the case.

Starting a couple of new spring projects tomorrow...
Wish me luck! I'll post photos soon! 


  1. Love the pics, especially yours!

  2. what cute pictures! and now...the cold weather returns and makes it so much harder to deal with.
    pillowcases are gorgeous!!


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