It is "National Take a Risk Day" over at Nesting Place...

Just so happens I took a risk yesterday, and failed miserably...I wasn't going to do anything at all with these photos - in fact, I was just about to push "delete" on my camera when I read The Nester's post...hmmm...I can link up a risk...mine will just have ended in yuck ;)

A couple of weeks ago, we were cleaning out our basement & I happened to come across my sister-in-law's old headboard (my husband bought his parents' house before we were married, so we were left with all the junk interesting items they didn't want to take with them to Florida...).

I asked him not to toss it because I thought for sure I can some up with something to do with it...hmmm... I figured out that herein lies the problem. If you don't have ANY idea what to do with something, you don't have to keep it.

I started to look around the house hoping inspiration would hit me. I have long admired Mandi from Tidbits from the Tremaynes and her amazing ability to work miracles with moulding (if you do nothing else all day...check out that "moulding" link - you will not regret it). Soooo, I figured I would add some interesting detail to one of the doors in our architectural-detail-less home (just in case you don't remember the mid 70s...they were not the years of exciting new advances in home building...especially in suburban Chicago).

I asked hub to cut the top off with his awesome set of tools...and this is what I had left.

It even had this neat-o Grecian-looking thing on it...

And this is the door that I thought I would place it over...the dark one down there at the end of the looong, dark hallway (this photo was taken at noon on a bright, sunny day and this is what I got). Yes, I know that door is ugly and doesn't really belong anywhere but a dumpster...I'm workin' on it...don't judge.

I took out my trusty white spraypaint and went to town...totally happy with the results and psyched about my new endeavor into door-sprucin'-up...

And this is what I got...

Not exactly what I'd call better...
Looks a little um...yuck.

At least I hadn't nailed it into the wall're welcome, honey.

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