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I have been in the process of trying to lighten up our living room as of late...why? Because it was brown...brown...brown...brown...brown. Now, brown is my absolute favorite color - and I think it goes with anything - but it was truly overtaking the room... (this is where I think...umm...why didn't I take a photo of this?)

Anyway, I was reading through Better Homes & Gardens a few weeks ago and there was a designer that was making-over a reader's living room...she (the designer) described the room as "the most boring room ever" and the paint as "the dullest color known to man." Hmmmm...I do believe that I have that exact paint color on my walls. And, like me, the lucky makeover room lady had mostly brown items in her living room. I walked into my living room and tried to look at it with a different eye...I stood at my front door and looked into the room, trying to see it as a stranger might. I'll tell ya...it was terribly boring.

Soooo, now I'm on a quest to change things up a bit...paint will have to come later, but in the meantime, here's a little quick-fix I whipped up last night...

...see...even from this small little glimpse, you can see how everything is pretty much the same color...I'm gettin' there, I'm getting there...baby steps, folks.

New pillows have a way of just freshening up a room...I adore them and find myself switching them up all the time. This little shabby ruffle cover was a cinch to make, and didn't take too long. I think I'll make another (smaller) one for one of the club chairs on the opposite side of the room...anyone interested in a tutorial?

EDITED: Tutorial now available on my sidebar...check it out!
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