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...a few months back I was reading one of my favorite blogs...hello, splendor...and one of her posts (I can't for the life of me remember when she posted it...I looked and looked but couldn't find it) included a memory game she had made for her son using some wooden discs, printed circles & Mod Podge...

So, while strolling through Hobby Lobby (or as T-Bone calls it, Hobby Hobby) last night with the fam I came upon a value bag of little wooden circles...22 for $2.99. I snatched 'em up, punched some circles out of scrapbook paper, Mod Podge'd 'em, and there you go - easy peasy Memory Game that fits in your purse...ready to be played while waiting for the doctor, for dinner to arrive at a restaurant, or for bedtime to come... where/whenever your kid(s) are getting unmanageable...

Now I just have to remember to get them into my purse...

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  1. I would LOVE if you would link this fantastic idea to my linky party for kids this Monday!! I love it!!

  2. That's a great idea...and a good way for me to use some of my scrapbook paper (seeing as how I don't scrapbook...much to my mother's dismay).

  3. Now that's just sick creative... love it.


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