...{another} fabric flower tutorial...

...you may have thought that there were absolutely enough fabric flower tutorials on the web to keep you up to your ears in both fabric and flowers for a lifetime...well, I'm here to add one more to the list...don't get mad...

I have done a cursory search for this same exact method online and I couldn't find it...that doesn't mean it isn't out there...it just means my research skills are probably lacking...

Now, I personally think this is the fastest and easiest way to make a fabric flower...not necessarily the prettiest, most elaborate or the most accurate, but definitely quick & easy...

Here's what you'll need:
*Heavy duty thread...I like to use upholstery thread...you'll see why in a minute...
*Scissors, a sewing needle & the fabric of your choice

Step 1:

Cut your fabric into circles, the sizes and amounts are up to you...for this flower I cut 3 circles, each one just a little smaller than the one behind it...

Step 2:

Thread your needle, tie a knot at the end and bring it up through the layers of fabric...somewhere outside the middle of the layers...

Step 3:

Work your needle in and out through the layers in a small circle (as shown in the middle photo above) until you have gone all the way around the center of the flower (you may have more or fewer stitches depending on the size of the fabric circles you cut). Make sure you end with your needle on the bottom of your layers.

Step 4:

Pull your thread tight (this is why I recommend heavy-duty thread...you don't want it breaking when you pull it!)...you will see that your fabric gets all puckered. You can loosen or tighten your pull depending on how you like your flower to look. When you get it just the way you want it, tie some knots in the back of your flower and cut off your extra thread.

Step 5:

You may choose to leave your flower alone here, or you may choose to embellish it a little. I like to add a button or some beads to the middle...just to give it a finished look.

I love how quirky and not-exact these flowers look...and you'll never have two that look the same...love that.

Experiment with different fabrics and prints, different beads, buttons & other embellishments...you won't believe how quickly these come together...

Now go make some...

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  1. Oh this is so adorable!!!

    Thanks for sharing and the how to!!!

    I love making my own flowers!!!

    Have a great one!!! :-)

  2. I love the simplicity of this!

  3. That's a cute flower!! Thanks for sharing! :) Have a great weekend!!

  4. I think this look great. Love the simplicity...I'm also not as thrilled with the super fluffy flowers, so this is just right!! :)

  5. So sweet! I love the fabric you used . . . definitely a change from the super-girly flowers you see all over the place. Lovely! :-)

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  6. Those would be so cute on the collar of a dress....that gets me thinking.....

  7. Thanks so much for linking up to my "BFF" party! Love these flowers and I really like that fabric!

  8. looks gorgeous! you take lovely photos too :)


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