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I was little concerned about how this project would turn out because I've never used fabric dye before...but it was soooo easy...I'm definitely adding it to my arsenal.

This is all I used:

A pre-made canvas pillow cover from Canvas Corp. & some Rit fabric dye that I bought from Hobby Lobby years ago (see, I really was afraid to use it...;)).

I filled up a large bowl with hot water, dunked the pillow cover in and swished it around for awhile. I had used only half of the powder dye because I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted color-wise. I washed the cover after I was done (per the instructions) and when it came out of the machine it had faded a little...my pearl grey was looking a little green...and not a pretty green...a yucky green. So I just re-dyed it using the other half of the dye and swishing it around for a little longer this time. Washed it again and was much happier with the results this time. Then I had little a rendezvous with Mabel (my Silhouette,) some fabric interfacing and some plain old white cotton and wound up with this...

I really like the summery feel and earthy color...

Next Monday I'll be guest-posting (with a new tutorial!) over at Maybe Matilda...YAY! Can't wait!!! Check this girl out...Rachel is so awesome...I know you'll love her!

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