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So, I spent a lot of yesterday cleaning my house...the weather here in Chicago, although it was sunny (thankfully!), was really pretty chilly, so we didn't spend too much time outside. As I was going from room to room, dusting, wiping-down, organizing, I realized there is a lot I want to re-do in my house...and by a lot, I mean basically everything...we need new carpeting, new paint in almost all the rooms, furniture makeovers, new furniture, the list goes on and on and on...

this is me making a list...in a dress...which is how I always dress when I'm at home making lists...

So here's what I'm gonna do...I'm gonna make a list of everything I want to accomplish this summer...every project, every re-do, everything. I'm gonna put it all out there for the whole world to see, 'cause if you write it down, you gotta do it, right???? I mean, if you don't follow through you've got this list just staring at you, mocking you, daring you to complete it...

So here goes...

Project #1:
Clean & paint the computer room/guest room walls, baseboards, door frames
Re-do the shelving & add some rad shelf baskets for all of the books
Rearrange all of the computer stuff so that it's actually functional
Get a dresser for all of my scrapbooking stuff...

Project #2:
Get new carpeting (or hardwood...honey, are you reading this???) for the living room/dining room

Project #3:
Get new carpeting (or hardwood...honey, again, are you reading???) for the bedrooms & hallway

Project #4:
Re-paint the living room/dining room. Repair the walls & ceiling where they need it.
Add crown moulding...(this may be a little ambitious, but hey, I can dream, right?)

Project #5:
Go through basement and SORT OUT ALL OF THE KIDS TOYS! This is like a summer-long project in itself...oh my gosh. Seriously, it's like a fire hazard down there

So, what do you think? Just 5 things...totally do-able, right?

This isn't really everything, but I think it's enough for now...

What are your big summer projects??? Please tell me I'm not the only one with delusions of grandeur concerning how much I'll be able to accomplish with 3 young kids on my heels every. single. minute.


  1. thinking you may want to avoid hardwood floors in the bathroom...if your kids are like mine...too much water on the flor = problems...

    and YES! when you figure out the magic formula for weeding out the kids' toys please let me know. its beyond out of control around here!

  2. My little ankle snapper has kept me from starting (and finishing) so many project lately. It's like she knows I'm doing something she can't be around and is drawn to it like a moth to a flam, hahaha!

    I think it's all do-able! We sometimes have a babysitter help out when there's a bigger project. Man it's balls to the wall when we have a few uninterrupted work hours :D

  3. Look at you, little Miss Ambitious-Pants! I hope you're planning on giving us a house tour when you're done :-) My summer goal is to somehow survive a cross-country move with a baby in the backseat . . . yikes. Not looking forward to that next month :-(

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  4. Maggie, You are going to be busy!!!!! I am leaving for a month this summer....to play in the sand and do nothing! Me....lazy. You....superwoman.

  5. I love this Maggie! I did this around the first of the year and its AMAZING how motivated you become when you've gone PUBLIC! :) My list is dwindling, but there is always something to add!

    Can't wait to keep you accountable :)

  6. I'm totally with ya girl! I have found that writing things down, especially blogging them, helps me be accountable and to really follow through! Can't wait to see some of your projects complete. This summer, the kid's bedrooms are on my list. :)

  7. Sounds just like my list! I've got a solution for the toys-- Throw them all away!!! Seriously, I think I threw/gave away about 2/3 of my kids' toys, and they actually PLAY with what remains and my basement is much cleaner.

  8. Something about posting your 'to do' list just seems to ensure that you will get it done (at least most of it) you know what they say ... if you post it they will come...(field of dreams!)
    I had a lot of luck just boxing up half of the toys lying around and then swapping them out half way through the summer! Time fly's so enjoy your kids while they are with you, mine are grown and I miss all the sweet noise. Enjoy!

  9. Man, those all sound expensive! Speaking as an TOTALLY unbiased observer, number five is my favorite.

    Doug M.

  10. @Anonymous LOL! Cheaper than therapy, honey...waaaaay cheaper...remember that...


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