...super quick garage sale makeover...

Recently the boys and I were garage-saling (sailing?...no, that would be weird...) and I came across one house that was selling some awwwwwesome vintage goods. After speaking with whom I thought was the owner of the house, I found that she (who happened to be the owner's mother) was clearing out her barn. She had recently sold all of her animals (after becoming a vegan...makes sense...) and no longer needed her gear. So....these are two of the little items I was able to pick up...for $6.00...oh, yeah.

A ginuwine (yes, I know that's not how it's spelled) cow-milkin' stool and an egg basket...like I said...awwwwwwesome. The stool was in pretty bad shape...the joints were all loose and it was knicked/chewed/cow-milkin'-stooled up. My wonderful husband (amateur woodworker and all around super-cool dude) fixed 'er up for me...glued all the joints up, filled in the huge gaps with wood filler and sanded down miscellaneous paint spills & what-not.

I wasn't sure exactly was I was going to do with these things...I just knew they were going somewhere, sometime...

Fast forward about 2 weeks...
I'm surfing Pinterest & I come across this...


Oh, yeah. Problem solved...

I covered the stool with two coats of black spray paint and 1 coat of poly sealer...then I simply scrubbed down the egg basket and...

Took all of about 15 minutes (minus paint drying time)...

$6.00...and now my bathroom looks even french country-er...love it...

Picked up any fantastic garage-sale items lately???
I've got a few more up my sleeve...can't wait to share them with you!

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  1. Maggie ~
    I LOVE it!!!
    Oh my gosh I bet that garage sale was amazing!!

  2. Awesome! That looks so cute! I haven't hit up any garage sales yet this year . . . but I'm excited to!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  3. very cook Maggie. what a fabulous find and makeover! can't wait to see what else you found!

    i did find a quilt top at a bag sale (yeah baby!) didnt pay much attention to the pattern, just shoved it in teh bag...well, the pattern is a swastika. well, its a reverse swastika, but still not sure it is destined to live with me

  4. Wow! What awesome finds. I Love it!


  5. Maggie you are lucky, I never seem to come across sales like that. Makes me miss the Midwest even more. Love the additions, magazine worthy for minimal cost.

  6. I love it!!!! And I too miss midwest Garage sales. They are awesome!

    And blogger still thinks I am anonymous....it's really Elizabeth.

  7. Wow! Had to jump over from my google reader to say how much I adore this! Love the simplicity and the character that it brings. Well done!

  8. I have that cabinet on my pinterest too! When I first spotted it here my heart raced and I thought it was yours! I love that cabinet. But I love your finds too. And for 6 buckaroos that was a steal!

  9. LOVE. Don't really think I need to say much else!! Seriously, what great finds and I am in LOVE with your bathroom! Beautiful!!

  10. So wish I had hit that garage sale! What a score! Looks so perfect in your bathroom :D

  11. This is super cute! I have a question. I picked a blog at random on a blogger help feed and noticed your reply. It was in regards to having your followers disappear. How long did it take yours to reappear? Have you had any problems since? If you could email me at chefintraining.recipes@gmail.com that would help so much. I am stressing this! Thanks! Cute blog by the way!

  12. I love it. Even toilet paper looks good in a wire basket. Great finds!

  13. Country-er?? LOL I love it and I would have snapped it up to! That's what I need, a big basket for TP. I did find something kind of creepy! I will post about it Monday, you will know when you see it!


  14. Love them both but the basket is my favorite. I never have such good luck when I go to yard sales.


  15. Wonderful! I love those kind of quick change bargain beauties. Happy hunting.

  16. Fabulous! I love stools AND wire baskets!

  17. Great finds! WHo knew toilet paper could look so chic!

  18. What an awesome idea! I will have to lift that idea from you for my powder room. Thanks so much!

  19. Looks so good! I love the color of the cabinet!

  20. Love them! I would have bought those beauties also....what a great deal. Don't you love the projects that are simple? Great job!

  21. Love it, Maggie! You've covered all my favorite things in this one post ~ French Country, inexpensive finds, great transformation and a new use for something. Great job!

    visiting from Frugalicious Friday : )

  22. That looks amazing and it is so practical too. Nothing like making the toilet paper look good.

  23. Score and great job in rehabbing it.

  24. I actually have that wire basket covered with dust in my garage. Got it at an auction filled with odds & ends and never knew what to do with it. I can't wait to fill it with TP! Thanks for the inspiration!


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