Vintage Crafter's Challenge

So you all have heard of Simple Simon & Company, right?

They're the two Elizabeths who make the coolest children's clothing (especially their tulle skirts!) and then blog about them with super-cool & easy to follow tutorials...

Well, they are hosting this amazing challenge starting NEXT WEEK!  Keep reading... (this was from their blog post yesterday...)

This challenge has been in the works for some time, but we are finally ready to announce it. Simple Simon & Co is hosting The Vintage Crafter's Challenge starting May 23rd. We have been so excited about it, it's been kind of hard to keep quiet about it. But quiet, no more! We can scream it from the rooftops....

Liz and I love all things vintage. Well, not all things vintage, because let's face it, some vintage can be down-right scary. But vintage sewing patterns, vintage sheets, vintage fat quarters and awesome vintage buttons are so pretty to us.

So, we decided to have a challenge. We wanted to send some fabulous bloggers a package with vintage items in it and see what they could come up with.

Each guest poster was mailed a package that included a vintage fat quarter, some vintage trims, some vintage buttons, and their last item was a SURPRISE vintage item. Their challenge was to use all of it or some of it to create something fabulous....and let me tell you---THEY DID. You are going to be amazed at what everyone came up with in all of the vintage goodness.

And here is the schedule so you can get excited too. Their blogs are seriously should check them all out (and then please don't blame me for the hours of perusing that you will consequently spend--I told you they are amazing!

May 27th---Rachel from Maybe Matilda
May 30th---Selina from Sisters 4 Say More is More
May 31st---Jessica from Make It Lovely
June 1st---Danielle from My Sparkle
June 2nd---Maggie from Midwestern Sewing Girl
June 3rd---Sophie from Sisters 4 Say More is More
June 6th--Jo from My Pangaloon

Looks who's on June 2!!! That's me!!!! That's right! And I can't wait to show you what I've made with the amazing vintage items E & E sent me...don't forget to head over to Simple Simon & Co. next Monday when the fun begins!

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