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Yay! I'm so excited! Today I'm swappin' blogs with Jacqueline over at Simple Home Life! I love Jackie's projects...and her linky party (every Friday...) is awesome!

So, when your done reading about Jacqueline here, head on over there to check out what I did with these...

Take it away, Jacqueline!

Hello! I'm Jacqueline

I'm so excited to be guest posting here on Maggie's fabulous blog Midwestern {Sewing} Girl. I've been a enjoying her blog for a while now and all of her great projects, my personal favorite is her springtime ruffle pillow.

Now a little info on me, I write this blog called Simple Home Life and enjoy sharing my ideas and projects. My favorite thing to do is pick up a old piece of furniture and turn it into something amazing with a little TLC and some paint.
I also love to do crafts, sew, thrift shopping and trying new ideas.

Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite projects that I have done. 

First..My painted rug. It was a simple cheap project. The rug was only $5 from Ikea, but unfortunately they dont sell it anymore.
I even made a rug using fabric and a drop cloth.

Second my table I made from pallets. I basically took apart a few pallets, clean up the wood and the legs were from a old kitchen table. I was able to make the perfect table to fit the space.

another favorite project was my chair to stool creation. I cut off the backs of some old chairs and painted them and added cushion and fabric. 

and the last one I'd like to share with you is one of my latest.

This was a very old electric chandelier that no longer worked and was collecting dust in my garage.

Now I finally have the candle chandelier I wanted over my tub.

I hope you enjoyed my seeing my projects today and hope you will come visit my blog 

Thank you Maggie for having me!


  1. Nice to meet you Jackie! I just left a message for both you and Maggie at your place but wanted to say hi here also! I like all of your projects! And Maggie your placemats are too cute! Great blog swap!

  2. Love the painted rug and would love to see how you made a rug from fabric and dropcloth...heading over to check it out!!

  3. Wow, I love your projects, Jackie! I'm going to have to head over and check your blog out. Those chair stools are adorable, and I love the painted rug! So cool!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  4. Thank you for all of the lovely comments! I'm so glad Maggie and I did this blog swap!

  5. Both projects are amazing!!!! I love the placemats and the cut off chairs....holy genius.


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