Guess who's here today? It's Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy!

Have y'all met Jaime yet? If not, you seriously don't know what you're missing...her projects are out of this fact, you've probably seen most of them all over blogland...she's been featured almost everywhere (deservedly so). AND, to top it all off, she has got to be one of the sweetest girls I've met through blogging...truly. Not only does she possess AMAZING talent & creativity, she is also incredibly humble...she's just the kind of person you want to have as a she'll see just what I mean...

BUT WAIT!!! One thing before I hand this off to Jaime...guess's Jaime's birthday today! 
now, take it away, Jaime...

Hello I am Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy!  I am so so so excited to be here today at WONDERFUL Maggie's blog and I am SO excited to "meet" all of her blogging friends!  I am SO honored that I get to spend the day here!  When I say I adore her blog I mean ADORE like EVERY idea!!!!  And I think the my favorite part about her blog is the gal behind the blog---I have SO enjoyed getting to know her-AMAZING!

Before I do anymore introducing, I want to give you a sneak peek of my project for today!

Before I go into the "how" part, I want to just share a little bit about myself!

I am a new graduate who is so SO so enjoying new found free time CRAFTING like CRAZY!  I am willing to try ANYTHING but love the basics!  I love anything that is meaningful or special...I try to live by this when I decorate and create.

My favorite part about blogging is making new blogging friends---I would LOVE it if you would come and visit Crafty Scrappy Happy!!  

But enough about me and on to the fun part, the crafty part!

But first let me explain!  If you can't tell from some of my above pictures of past projects, my house currently has a bit of a beach-y cottage-y feel that I am SO enjoying this summer!
I am undoubtedly inspired by the lake right down the road from my new home---lakes are SO my kind of heaven!
SO, I decided to make a pillow with the latitude and longitude of my new lake---that is so special to me!

Special and it matches my beach-y themed house...that is my kind of project!

Step 1. Find an old pillow to up-cycle
Step 2. **Here is where I must caution, I am by no means a sewing pro like Miss Maggie, I like to do the easy version...which literally took me about 20 min. tops to read with caution!  

I sewed two "layers" of my pillow:
The first layer to ensure the bright orange was covered up and because I wanted the same material to show through at the ends where I tied the sides together with ribbon.  
The second "layer" I just sewed the 3 sides together and finally the 4th side over to create a clean appearing edge.

{I think this picture should help you better understand the "layer" thing!}

{See that inside layer tucked in there??  And the outside layer with the folded over edge??}

Step 3. I used the "citra solv method" (I use this one about once a week on my blog it feels like).... to transfer the lake name and coordinates (which I found on yahoo) from a printed page straight to the fabric.
Step 4. I sewed the ribbon onto the edges by pinning them and then sewing.

{This is the finished look!}

Thank you again for letting me hang out with you guys at wonderful Midwest Sewing Girl and again, I would LOVE it if you wanted to come and visit when you have a chance!

See what I mean? Don't you just want to give her a great big hug???? Now go check out her won't be disappointed...I promise...

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