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This project was originally posted a couple of weeks ago at Positively Splendid...if you've never seen Amy's blog, you must check it out...it's jam-packed with wonderful projects & tutorials...

So, if you didn't see them the first time...or if you just need to see them again (which I know you will...), here they are...

Photograph tiles!

These are so quick and simple to make...here's all you need:

*Square wood scraps (mine were 2"x2" and they were left over from one of my husband's projects...)
*Photos printed to match the size of your squares (I printed my photos & descriptions onto cardstock)
*Photo descriptions printed to match the size of your squares
*Mod Podge & a brush
*Black ink or paint (not shown)

1.Cut out your photos and mod podge (is that a verb??? Well, it is now...) them to one side of your wood chip and let dry.
2. Mod Podge your photo description to the other side of your chip and let dry.

At this point I applied another layer of Mod Podge to both sides...no particular reason...I just like the way it looks...

3. When your chips are completely dry, ink the sides of your wood (I used just a plain black stamp pad), and the corners of your photos (if you wish...I like the distressed, inky look). Let the ink dry and apply another layer of Mod Podge over the photos and sides of the chips. Do this last mod-podging carefully...I've noticed that ink doesn't really dry completely over the Mod Podge & it smears pretty easily...the last layer will seal it, but it can get pretty messy. You can also use paint (which works better) or you can ink your wood edges & photographs before you even glue them to the wood...then the layers of Mod Podge will seal them.

And that's it! So easy, so quick. And I love that the tiles are like an interactive photo album. They are wonderful conversation starters when placed in a bowl on a dinner table or at a party.

And think of all of the possibilities...how cute would these be at a wedding with photos of the bride & groom as children and into adulthood...at a reunion party or anniversary party...or as a table decoration at a birthday or holiday party?

I think I may even make some with the photos from our recent vacation to keep out as a reminder of our weekend...

I would love love love to hear what you could do with these!

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