Today you can find me at Positively Splendid...yay!

Today I'm guest-posting over at Positively Splendid! And I can't begin to tell you how excited I am!

I have been a huge fan of Amy's blog since I first started following it a few months ago...she has got a million amazing projects with fabulous tutorials, mouth-watering recipes (check out this one for Chocolate Pudding Cake she just posted yesterday...yes...I said Chocolate. Pudding. Cake. - 3 of my absolute favorite words...all mushed together...yum.), aaaand she hosted this amazing series earlier this year...the Summer Survival Guide...that you must check out for some fantastic summer inspiration.

Come on by and see my latest's a little sneak peek...

Curious??? Well, get on over there, then! Can't wait to see you there...

OH WAIT! Before you head over to Amy's blog, and if you have a minute, will you please swing by the One Month To Win It blog and vote for your favorite project? Thank you so so much!

I hope you all know just how much I truly appreciate you...and that's for reals, yo.

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