...a challenge to you...pay it forward...

Last week I got this in the mail...

It was from a wonderful girl named Sara who has been one of my best etsy customers & who has become a wonderful blogging friend, too...

I sort of knew this was coming...after all, Sara did need my address...

...but I had no idea what would be in the box...Sara had mentioned she wanted to send something to the kids for the start of school as a way to say thank you to me for the clothes I had made for her little girl...(a thank you to me...can you believe that? She's the one who deserves to be thanked...profusely).

I opened the top of the box and this is the first thing I saw...

She had me at this view...vintage linens...awesome fall colors. wow. (this sheet was Sara's grandmother's..)

And this is what was inside...

Some games & a CD for the boys...a darling Hello Kitty Diary & a tee from Vintage Lucy's for Kate...and the linens, a travel mug & a tea towel for me...

Here's a close-up of the tee...

Vintage Lucy's is one of those shops that I've always wanted to buy something from...but never have for two reasons...#1: I'm too darn cheap...#2: The selection is so vast & so amazing, I'd never be able to choose...

And this is the tea towel...

photo from House8810

Oh, Sara, how is it that you know me sooo well & we've never even met??? I adore this towel & it matches my kitchen perfectly...

Because of this amazing, amazing thing Sara did for me and my kids, I decided to do the same for someone else...I actually got the opportunity later the same afternoon I received Sara's gift...I was able to pay it forward, and hopefully make someone as happy as Sara made us...

So now...this is my challenge to you...is there anything that you can do to pay it forward somehow? Has someone done something amazing unexpectedly for you? Can you do the same for someone else?

Sara...thank you. You rock. And so do tiaras.


  1. You are very lucky! I LOVE this tea towel, amazing!


  2. I love that tea towel too! How sweet to become friends! So I take it you have never met? Gonna go check out Sara's blog now!

  3. This is a great idea, so often we say "I should do something for her/him," and we never do. I think I'll try this soon. Thanks for posting, I found you via a retweet on Twitter :)

  4. So... I noticed this morning that all of my wordpress subscriptions are gone. Ack! This makes me sad because in the past week, I haven't been notified of any of your posts! I added you back to my google reader until I can figure all of this mess out, but now it's time to catch up on your great posts!


  5. Awh Maggie, you I am not surprised at all that someone would want to do something so nice for you! I am pretty sure I could send you a box like that too just for being so wonderful! I think this is such a great idea to just pay it forward and just do nice things.... And by "nice" I mean AMAZING because this is the most wonder box-o-treasures EVER!!! :o)

  6. That was so sweet of her! There is nothing like receiving a box of goodies in the mail.

  7. I love the tea towel... but I am dying over that vintage sheet....that is awesome!

  8. maggie - you rock!! i am so happy your kiddos liked their stuff. (& i am normally too cheap for vintage lucy - but bought it when they had a 40% off sale & knew i would have a perfect gal to send it to - yours!)
    your talents & thoughtfulness are just beyond words. thank you for being my blogging/etsy pal! i feel blessed to know you in this little world of ours!! xoxo- sara

  9. oh & if you ever would want some more vintage material, i've got more than i could use in a lifetime thanks to my grandma's stash! it's yours if you want it. i know you could do magic with it all.

  10. How fun is that? What a sweet surprise and I love that you paid it forward!

  11. What a sweet and beautiful gesture...loved all your goodies as well. Thank you for sharing this and how awesome that you are paying it forward and encouraging us to do so too. Love that!

  12. YOU are so sweet I would never doubt someone would do this for you, of course it's such a sweet gesture to do, great reminder, and what a lovely friendship!! ;)

  13. Sara ROCKS! Everything in that box would make my day...but all of it?! Wow.

    I sent a little sumpthin' special to a friend just last week out of the blue for no reason. I just love to do that. Lisa~


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