...the girls...

Just wanted to share a quick photo I snapped of my daughter (right) with her best friend, Isabella...these two have been inseparable this summer...you know when your kids have that one friend that you really really like...and you hope they stay friends with them forever? That's Bella...

I love these two...


  1. Aw, so sweet! Those kinds of friendships are precious.

  2. i definately have one of "those" friend's in my daughter's life. too precious.

    i didn't realize our kids are the EXACT age. in the EXACT grade. and the EXACT order, girl..boy..boy...now you're missing a 4th kiddo: a 2 yr old girl! then we'd really be the EXACT same!

    your kids are adorable. i love that your blog allows the freedom to post about them/your personal lives. i'm sure my readers would be like "yah yah..get on with the DIY's!"



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