...Epic Fail...

Oh, yes...just another in a long line of epic fails...I just happened to get this one on camera.

I've been in the process of making-over my daughter's room (it's taking a looooong time) - and I found a wonderful quote that I thought would look great on her wall. So, I busted out my Silhouette, eyed-up (mistake #1) the area I wanted to cover and set to work. Nope, didn't measure a thing...(even though my husband could give Norm Abram a run for his money with the whole "measure twice, cut once" thing)...just sat down, held my fingers up to about how big I wanted the letters to be, and cut 'em out.

After everything was cut I hauled the numerous pieces upstairs and, again, eyed up (mistake #2) where I wanted to place the words. I had thought everything would be perfect...heck, I'd grabbed a level, chalked up lines so that everything was straight...how could it go wrong?

Well, here's how...(I didn't even finish the last word, which is supposed to be "plans" - I can't believe I even took it this far, to be honest)...

OH. MY. GOSH. Could that BE any bigger? See her tiny tiny pillows down there on the bottom?
I wanted to make sure it wasn't just me...I mean, maybe the size was completely awesome and I was just not seeing something right...so I sent the photo over to the amazing Vivian at The V-Spot to get her opinion...she is such a dear...her words - "It's pretty big" - love that girl.

So, needless to say, this will be coming down...asap. I already have another idea in mind for that space - maybe it will incorporate that quote, which I LOVE, maybe it won't. But rest assured, there will be a ruler involved in the process next time...

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