...napkins turned table runner...

While shopping at my neighborhood Kohl's store last week, armed with my Kohl's Cash & 15% off coupon, I ran across this set of napkins...on clearance...for $1.98...yep.

I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do them, but please...$1.98? They weren't leaving the store unless they were leaving with me...(I said this same thing to my husband 13 years ago...except replace "They" with "You're" and "store" with "party"...that's a joke).

I got home, put the napkins on the table and thought...oh, yes...I'm makin' a table runner...and I'm makin' it right. now.

I ran downstairs, stitched the little beauties together (place edges right-sides together and straight-stitch end-to-end) and got this...

I think it's just perfect for fall...the pattern and colors remind me of an old grain sack (but for $1.98... again...$1.98...)

I'm leaving it un-ironed and messy on the table...I think it adds to the rustic charm...plus I'm bein' kinda lazy.

Have you ever bought anything just to use it for something it wasn't intended to be used as? (Have you ever read a sentence 5 times just to figure out it's meaning?)

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