i feel so scattered...

Have you ever just felt...crazy? Like completely scattered and messy?
That's how I feel right now.

I've been working on getting my house organized and "clean-swept" for the new year, but, in the process, I've really made a messy house. Rarely do I have the time to start a project and finish it in the same sitting...so I've perfected the 10-minute cleaning ritual. OK, "perfected" may be a little incredibly generous...but, because I have only about 10 minutes at a time, I have a number of different organization projects going on at once.

Here's how it went yesterday morning...

I woke up, got Ty breakfast & tore out all of the things on one shelf in my closet. Then I made the beds and got Gray breakfast. Kate got up and Ty had his second breakfast. I organized the shelf I'd just torn apart and started a load of laundry. While I was in the laundry room, I pulled down some board games and started going through them to make sure they were all intact. Then Kate and Gray ate and I made the kids' lunches. The driveway needed a'shovelin', so I did that...then I came in to get Ty his third breakfast (yes, I know...he eats 3 breakfasts and then hardly anything for the rest of the day...except yogurt...he has about 4 yogurts for dinner...I don't even try anymore...). When I was done with that, I put the laundry in the dryer and grabbed a bin full of Kate's crafting stuff from the basement to go through. Then I put the clothes in the dryer, called my mom and got the kids on the bus. Then I cleaned up the kitchen (sorta) and got Ty's shoes on...drove him to school and headed to the grocery store...

Now, I know this probably sounds exactly like most moms' mornings...in fact, this day was really pretty tame compared to some. But, in just those 2 hours I managed to start 4 organizing tasks and to finish exactly none of them. A few days of that and my house looks like little mini tornadoes hit every. single. room.

Not to mention I'm changing my blog look...again...I know, I know. I just have this picture in my mind of how I want it to look and I haven't been able to translate that into reality. Yet. It'll happen...but, in the meantime, please forgive the craziness.

So that's where we are now. I'm making progress...but slowly. And that's OK. It's a lot easier to just shove things into the closet and shut the door...but the mess is still there. At least now that it's out in the open I'm forced to deal with it. And it feels good. I keep thinking about my "one word" - ACCOMPLISH...and I'm making strides to do just that...amidst the craziness, scatter & mess...

How are you coming with your goals so far this year?


  1. Maggie somehow it's always worse before it gets better. I will agree with you in the 'starting 4 projects and not finishing a single one!', happens all the time. But I think we truly are more productive when we have 1000 things go on at once, slow and steady wins the race.

  2. Well my goals are in the bottom of a mess pile too. My diet has been a dismal failure and I have gotten nearly nothing done on my projects. Our family just cannot seem to get WELL and it is hampering everything we do. Let's both push the button and start over. Lisa~

  3. I don't think I comprehended anything past Ty's second breakfast 'cause I was laughing too loud! Sounds just like my son!! I've decided that I need to focus on one room at a time and the rest of the house can look like you know what. I wipe down counters and vacuum and such, but as far as organized, forget it! One. room. at a time. Good luck!!

  4. I change my blog frequently too!!! hope everything settles down for ya soon.

  5. Accomplishing little cleaning tasks throughout the day is the only thing keeping this place from looking like a complete disaster. Now if I could manage to get vacuuming in more than twice a month I would feel pretty good about this situation.

  6. Yes, I feel scattered many days. It's not a good feeling at all! A good night's sleep and not over scheduling myself definitely helps!

    Your blog looks so nice! Do you do all the work yourself?


    ps. I'll be in Chicago tomorrow!

  7. I do the same start a project or organize somthing and not finish it.....I was wondering how you got your previous post on the top, I was trying to figure how to do that the other day and couldnt find a tutorial or anything.

  8. Your organizing did not grab my attention. Your child who eats 4 yogurts did! My son does the same exact thing. He's 4 yrs old. I feed him a really good bralfast because that is his favorite type of food and lunch. Forget about dinner. He snacks all day. I give healthy snacks. Fruit,Graham crackers,nutella,cucumbers, carrots with low fat dressing. That is his whole menu. Won't eat anything outside of this. It drives me nuts! I am at my wits ends with dinner. I can't even say the word, he will whine about not like what I made!
    I feel a little better knowing that this might just be a toddler thing. (I don't even know how old your child is)

  9. 4 yogurts!! oh my goodness!...ummm oh wait sorry...yes organizing, I love it when things are organized. My goals...nope haven't achieved any yet this year, but the year is still young. Hugs and smooches and wishes for a beautiful day

  10. @EmilyMy son is 4, too!!! Maybe it is just a toddler thing...;) Wish mine would eat all of that healthy food, too, though...yikes...

  11. I have to put a lock on a container with our Amande yogurts...my 2.5 year old think he can just mosey in the fridge and help himself. Mind you the 15 grams of sugar {although that brand is all from juice}...lol...

    I am in MAJOR purge mode. So, I feel it does get worse before it gets better. I think it's good to think in terms of bags, rather than minutes. I wanted to fill up 4 grocery paper bags with old clothes from my teaching days.

    Really, do I need to hold on to banana republic work pants that I wore pre-gluten-free when I was 20 lbs heavier???

    I tossed an entire bag of high school notes and greeting cards today.

    It felt good.

    So maybe think in terms of bags. I am trying to consign and sell most of my crap. So I can finally buy my Cameo...

    Try the bag trick. That made me productive today.

    :) Sorry for the novella.

  12. I feel for you!!! I finally painted my living areas this weekend after putting it off for months... My house is a disaster area! The painting is done, but I have yet to put everything back up!

  13. How are my goals coming??? I haven't officially set them yet. How's that? Oh sure I have an idea of what I want to accomplish and things are floating around but between random obligations and sick kids I've decided nothing.

    I have however started a lot of projects---which are now in a pile on a shelf so all in all this year has started off perfectly! :)


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