Valentine's Day...a printable

When we were young, my Mom would always tuck us in at night with the same little phrase...and now I say that same phrase to my kids every night...

"I love you round the world, and back again, more times than tongues can tell..."

I really love these words...and I've created a printable with them for you to share...enjoy...


PDF is created as an 8x10, but you can resize it to anything smaller in a photo editing program...I think this would make a darling Valentine's Day card...

Here are some of the parties I'll be linking up to...

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  1. This is so cute! I'm defiantly going to print one when I get more ink! If you have some time stop by my blog, I'm giving away a very cute dress from Shabby Apple!

  2. Cute! I am like Jacqueline and having printer issues! My yellow ink has malfunctioned so now we are on the lookout for a new printer!

  3. So cute Maggie! Pinning to my printables board and tweeting.

  4. Since I've never heard this saying before, it seems a little weird to put the word "tongues" on my wall. LOL! It is a cute sign though....I love anything for Valentine's Day. It might be my favorite holiday for decorating. Thanks! Lisa~

  5. Love this Maggie. It has a beautiful vintage feel, and I love that it's a Valentine without being all Valentiney (does that make sense???)

  6. So cute ... it feels a bit vintagey. I really like it and I love the saying too!

  7. I am also looking to celebrate my Valentine day with my loved one, buy the way your blog has really some great ideas regarding Valentine day, Thank you

  8. This is so sweet. I love the printable. Thanks for sharing.


  9. This is just the cutest! I think I will transfer it onto a canvas. Thanks so much for sharing!

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