I Feel Like Chicken Tonight...no, wait, strike that...I Feel Like Chicken This Morning! #TysonGoodness #CBias

If you're anything like me (and I hope you are, because I don't want to think I'm weird...), then breakfast can become a pain sometimes.

In my family, each kid wants something different...and I usually get so bored with breakfast I won't eat until almost lunch time (and then I just end up eating lunch...). Kinsley & Tyler like cereal - but they will eat only certain kinds of cereal...and it has to be in the "right" bowl with the "right" amount of milk...and they won't drink their water or juice if it's not in a glass cup (???). Grayson will eat things other than cereal...but the things he'll eat, I have to actually make for him- egg sandwiches, toast, salami sandwiches (don't judge), etc.

One thing I really love about my kids is just how flexible they are. (I hope you're sensing the sarcasm here...'cause I'm layin' it on pretty thick).

So when I was asked to change things up a bit at breakfast time, I was a little excited...and...a little worried.

Tyson...you know the awesome chicken guys? have a new product available...Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches. Here's why I was a little worried...ummm...chicken for breakfast? Yep. I was asked to feed these to my brood for breakfast. OK. I can do that. I think.

These babies are available at Walmart (BUT only certain stores, in only 25 states, carry them...click here to check if yours does). Check out my Google+ album to see how Tyler and I found some in a nearby Walmart...

So, here's how the morning went...

"Come on up and have some breakfast!"

"Hold on!"



"You guys wanna try something new?"


(that's my boy...)

"It's these new chicken sandwiches...they look really good"

(he's a boy of few words)

So, I took a package out of the box (each serving consists of 2 little sandwiches)...

Popped it in the microwave for a little under 2 minutes...

Gave one to Gray (I was saving the other one for me...)...

And sat back patiently waiting for him to try it...

Just look at that tired little boy...

Here's the verdict...

So now I had to try this little sammie for myself...and, I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of frozen sandwich products, so I wasn't holding out much hope. I took a bite and...oh my gosh. This little sandwich is seriously good...I mean seriously good. The little roll that the chicken patty is on is a real roll...not a hamburger bun...it's chewy and super good. The chicken is flavored really nicely and the sandwich is filling...without being heavy. AND, two little sandwiches have less than 400 calories (that's awesome).

My husband made a couple for breakfast this morning and he agrees with us...these little sandwiches are absolutely perfect for breakfast...or lunch...or dinner...they're just perfect.

I hope you're able to give these a try...and hopefully Tyson will get them into more Walmart stores soon.
Yep...they're that good...

***And here's a little tip...if they are available at your local Walmart, check for them in the Snacks & Appetizers section if you can't find them anywhere else. This is where they were in our store...***

DISCLOSURE: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All opinions are my own...these sandwiches are awesome...

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