how I get my kids to help with the laundry...and other laundry room organization

Like every other Mom in the world, I am forever doing laundry.

I'm constantly reminded of the show know, when Newman is talking about how hard it is to be a mail carrier because the mail "never just keeps coming, and coming & coming..."

That's how I feel about the laundry.

So anything...anything...that I can find to help me even just a little with the laundry is something I'm going to use.

My dear husband bought me this laundry organizer from Target for Christmas. WHAT?!?, you ask? A laundry organizer for Christmas? But it's seriously one of my best gifts ever. Ever.

This is it.

And I adore it.

There are 4 compartments...and I use them to sort laundry AFTER it's done. Rather, my kids use it for that purpose. You see, they are all getting old enough (almost 9, almost 7 & 4) to help with this chore. 

My 8-year-old helps actually do the laundry...she's great with regular loads, and she knows exactly what I need her to do for both the washing & the drying.

Both my 8- & my 6-year-olds help with the sorting after the clothes are dry... and I've made it sooo easy for them to do.

There are 5 of us in the family...and 4 bags...I've labeled all of the bags with the rooms they need to be taken to once they are sorted.
*Mom & Dad
*Gray & Ty and
*Towels, etc. (which stay either in the laundry room or are taken to the bathrooms)

I simply designed the graphics on Photoshop, printed them out on one 81/2x11 paper, laminated the sheet, cut each name to size, punched some holes & tied the labels to the front bar of the organizer using black Jute Rope from Canvas Corp.

The older kids just remove the dried clothing & place each garment into the appropriate bag. It's really easy for them & a huge time-saver for me.

Tyler, my 4-year-old, loves helping carry the bags to the proper rooms and dumping them on the beds. And I love that one more step is taken out of my daily tasks...

Here are a couple of other ways I've organized my laundry room...

We have a laundry shoot that empties into a basket right beside our dryer. I placed this basket on a small folding table and it makes accessing the dirty laundry so much easier. Having it on the ground was such a back-breaker...

These Rugby Stripe Bins from the Container Store are wonderful and hold so much! We don't have a linen closet upstairs so all of our extra bedding stays in our laundry these wonderful bins...on top of a shelf that also holds a clothing rack.

super-cute "laundry" printable from Sprik Space...

And finally, we installed another shelf and some bins over our washer and dryer...these hold miscellaneous cleaning products, towels, coins, etc. And everything is within easy reach.

I love our newly organized laundry room...

What do you think? How do you organize your laundry space? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks!

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