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Yesterday I showed you a little teaser of some of the colors that have been showing up in my home's spring decor...

Today I'm sharing a couple of photos...

But first, let me say that as I was getting this post together I realized that there really isn't as much color going on here as there seems to be as I walk around my house. The camera doesn't lie.

And I'm kind of glad to see that I can probably add a whole lot more without going that's just what I'm gonna do. But, for now, here's what's goin' on here...

I recently repainted my entire living & dining room...Martha Stewart's Tobacco this color...

My new little Home Goods table...

Those pencil sketches are from of my Gran's friends sketched them when he spent some time in Marrakech...I love them and their simplicity...

That last one is of the little laptop table in our kitchen...and my purse...but the turquoise and bright yellow make an appearance there, too...

So, what do you think? Should I go for more? Or have I reached my color threshold?


  1. Love that Tobacco Leaf wall color...great choice. Your pops of turquoise and yellow are so apring-y and fun. How about adding a pillow with some yellow on the sofa to bring that color onto that side of the room? Just a thought...everything looks pretty.

  2. I love just the small pops of aqua/turquoise and yellow against the more neutral colors! I think it's just right... serene but not boring :)


  3. So pretty! The sketches are great and I love that bowl with the 5 in it....

  4. I love the pillows on your couch and are those plates above it? I love those too. I think the place could definitely handle more color if you wanted to add it though!

  5. Personally, I love the little touches of color without going overboard! Love the bee print - you find that online?

  6. I LOVE the room. I think you could do a little more color if you want...

  7. Fun! Go for more. Love the Tabacco Leaf paint.

  8. More color is always better! Especially with the tobacco walls! :) You can definitely afford to add more! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT PURSE??? I love it!!!

  9. Beautiful ... I love the pops of color! I think you can always add more but you know I'm on an "add color" binge these days. The new wall color looks fantastic! You have a great decorating style.

  10. I want to come visit (: Your house is so inviting! Love the pops of color. That sketch is too cute, the meaning behind it is even better. I want your table (:

  11. I love all of it. Before I read the post, I glanced through the pics and immediatly thought to myself that I should pin them for future reference. Your style is similar to what I have going on - and what I want to go on .. lol. I love the pillows. Turquoise and yellow are my favs and I think you have a nice balance. If you did a little more it wouldn't be overboard but I don't think you need to :)

    - Jessica


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