affiliate box 5

I'm sure I speak for most (if not all) of us woman when I say that I want to look my best...and makeup and skin care are really pretty important to me. I look for products that will minimize my crow's feet (exactly how many feet are crows supposed to have anyway? because my crows have a lot...a lot), bring out my eyes and make my hair shiny and soft. But spending tons of money just to experiment stinks.

Enter Beauty Box 5.

Beauty Box 5 is an online monthly subscription service wherein you (the subscriber) receive 4 or 5 beauty samples every month...things like makeup, skin care products and fragrances with the option to buy full-size products right on Beauty Box 5's site! How cool!

I was sent a box of product from BB5 to try...and I have to say, I was impressed...

Here's what arrived in my mailbox...

Beautiful packaging...I'm a sucker for anything wrapped in a pretty box... lovely...but it's what inside that counts, right? So here's what was inside...

Oh yes.

I have already tried 4 of these products (I'm still waiting to try the hair moisturizer until after I highlight my tresses for the summer...) and I really like them. I mean really like them. In fact, one of the products up there is so amazing, I'm buying the full-size. And I would never have known about it were it not for Beauty Box 5.

DISCLOSURE: As I mentioned, I received a box of product from Beauty Box 5 to try. I was not asked to do anything for BB5 in exchange. All opinions are mine and have not been swayed in any way. I think BB5 is a super-cool program and is fantastic way to try new products without wasting money.

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