step outside your comfort zone...with Shelley of Crazy Wonderful

It's time for another installment of Step Outside Your Comfort Zone! Yay!

This time around the amazing Shelley from Crazy Wonderful is here sharing her project. Shelley has magnificent taste and her design style makes me wish I lived closer to her so that I could have her come rearrange my living room. I find it hard to believe that there is anything she feels challenged by...

If you're a new reader, let me give you a quick rundown on this series...

As crafters, diy-ers, moms, (dads?), humans, we often get stuck in our "comfort zones." We find a place in our lives where we're comfortable. And we stay there. 

This series challenges bloggers to step outside their comfort zones (hence the catchy name), to try something they don't normally do something that may scare them a little, frustrate them a little...whatever. 

I think it's good for us to shake things up a keeps things from getting stale...and it keeps us on our toes...

So, let's meet our challenger, shall we?


Hello everyone!  I'm Shelley from Crazy Wonderful, and I'm ubber excited to be here posting for Outside My Comfort Zone!

I've done a couple pieces of art in the past, but this time I wanted to try something different that didn't involve paint.

Here's what I came up with!

Supply List:

  • silver leaf
  • metal leaf adhesive spray
  • plain paper (I used a few sheets of computer paper)
  • background paper (I used a thicker paper so it wouldn't buckle)
  • pencil and object for tracing
  • scissors
  • glue stick
What I did:

STEP ONE:  Spray your plain paper with the metal leaf adhesive spray.  A light coat should be sufficient.
STEP TWO:  Start laying down the sheets of silver leaf.  Cover the entire piece of paper.

STEP THREE:  Flip the paper you just silver leafed over, and trace circles using the lip of a glass.  If you want a smaller circle, a large circular punch would make this much easier and save you the tracing and cutting out time.
STEP FOUR:  Cut out your traced circles.

STEP FIVE:  Use a glue stick to coat the back of your cut outs.
STEP SIX:  Arrange circles onto your backing paper.

Frame and you're done!

My favorite part about this piece is how it changes at different angles. These aren't the most glamorous photos, but it shows you how different it looks when you see it's reflection in the mirror.

So, another use for good ol silver leaf!

Thanks for having me over today, Maggie.  I had fun, and definitely enjoyed stepping outside my norm!

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Thank you so much for sharing your project, Shelley! I LOVE the way this looks. It really reminds me of something you would see in a high-end's just gorgeous. And I can't believe you cut out all those little circles by hand...they look perfect! Great job!

Do you have something you'd like to try that is outside of your comfort zone? Just contact me at and I'll set up a date to feature you!

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