strawberry cheesecake minis...

Need a last-minute dessert that requires no baking? Here you go...

These are what I am bringing to our friends' house for a Memorial Day bbq...aren't they adorable? And soooo easy to boot!

Just grab some strawberries, a tub of Philadelphia Cheesecake Filling (found near the cream cheese at your grocery store...I'm letting you know this only because I searched for 20 minutes before it finally dawned on me that it may be near the other cheese products) and some graham cracker crumbs.

I cut the bottoms of the strawberries off so that they would sit easily on a tray and I hulled the centers. Then I filled a plastic bag with the filling, cut off a bottom corner of the bag and used it to squeeze the filling into the strawberry. Finally, I sprinkled some of the graham cracker crumbs over the top. Um...yum.

The only thing I may change about what I did here is that next time I may dip the cut strawberry into the crumbs instead of sprinkling them on top. I sprinkled a little too much over some of the minis and the crumbs changed the color of the filling to this weird yellow. They tasted fantastic but they didn't look perfect...

Then I made this little banner to accompany these little desserts...

Cute little patriotic set-up, don't you think?

And yummy, too!

Click here to see what I'll be sharing these little goodies!


  1. Everything you do is just too cute! I love the idea of using the Philadelphia filling ... I have two tubs of it in the fridge and I have no idea what to do with it! And your little stars and banner just complete the cuteness!

  2. Adorable and delicious!

    Thanks so much for linking up! I featured your post in my wrap up

    Have a safe and fabulous holiday weekend!

  3. Maggie,
    How about mixing the graham cracker crumbs with the filling?

  4. ummmm YUM. I so so sooo would love to make these!!! MMMM! :o) I hope you are having a wonderful weekend sweet friend! I am burned to a crisp but LOVED the nice 90 degrees day today!!! :o)

  5. Those sound and look amazing! They look like you did way more work than it calls for! Definitely a win-win when taking a dessert to a party!!! :)

  6. OK... these are super cute and they look delicious! Thank you for sharing them I am pinning and makin them for sure.

    Have a great weekend!


  7. I am featuring you tomorrow! : ) These look delicious!


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