...thinking outside the grain sack pillow...

We have all seen vintage grain & feed sacks turned into pillows...

And they are gorgeous...

But how about a grain sack turned bathmat?

Pretty cool, huh?

Now, I wish I could take credit for this idea...but, alas, I can't. The grain sack bathmat is the brain-child of author and jewelry designer, Kaari Meng. A few years ago, Kaari wrote a book called Home Sewn where she features a number of...what else...projects you can sew for your home. 

She uses vintage grain sacks and linens for all of these sewing projects, and let me tell you, you have never seen such lovely items. 

I just happened to have an extra sack lying around...and I already have more than enough pillows...so when I saw the bathmat in Home Sewn I nearly squealed. I grabbed the sack, some linen & fusible fleece and a couple of hours later, I had my new bathroom accessory. 

I really like how it brings some texture and earthiness to my French Country bathroom...

And I also like how, if I get tired of stepping on it, I can just take the mat apart and make something else...but not a pillow.

*Check out Kaari's site, French General...so cool...*


  1. What a great idea...I have a few of those laying around somewhere.

  2. Ok, first, why not a pillow??? I LOVE grainsack pillows! Second, that is probably one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. :)

  3. oh i'm in love! how completely darling! my husband's grandfather worked in a flour mill for 50 years sewing the flour bags (50 years!) can you imagine? so i'm always on the hunt for king midas flour sacks if you ever come across any! xo


  4. Ooh fun idea!! How does it hold water?? My bathroom mats always tend to be a little soggy from guests stepping out onto them.

  5. I love it!! I have a pile of grain/coffee sacks and I really don't want to make pillows either. I have to check that out!

  6. Beautiful work. Where do u find the sacks?

  7. I love it! I need to get some of those grain/coffee sacks!!

  8. Nice touch. Love to bathroom wall color.


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