had you noticed?...buying your own domain name

Last week I took a step for my blog that I had been hesitant to make for a looooong time...I bought my own domain name.

Had you noticed?

I'm now Midwestern Girl!

And my new address is www.midwesterngirldiy.com

Cool, huh?

I had been tossing the idea around for a while, but never went through with it, UNTIL I learned that you can buy your own domain name through Google for just $10/year! If you are currently on Blogger, then nothing changes...absolutely nothing...you just have your own .com (or .net, .tv, .org, whatever). Your old .blogspot.com address automatically redirects all of your traffic, so there are no interruptions at all.

Here's how to: just go into your dashboard, click on "Settings" and you will see a link under the "Publishing" section that looks like this:

Just click on "+Add a custom domain," check the availability of the domain you would like, and follow the directions. It is so simple.

For complete directions, click here...

Not only do you get a new domain name, you can get up to 3 email addresses with your "new" site. My new email address is maggie@midwesterngirldiy.com

Your new domain also renews automatically every year so you never have to worry about losing your name.

I'm pretty excited about my new name...and my new address...so far it's the best $10 I've spent in a while.

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