Ummm...guess what??? HUGE NEWS!

There's something I've been keeping from you.

Well, actually I've been keeping it from EVERYONE...

A month or so ago, the absolutely AMAZING paper-crafter, scrapbooker, designer, Heidi Swapp, had a Media Team call...her first ever...and guess who applied?

I did.

I had no hope whatsoever for being chosen. I really didn't. In fact, I told only one person that I even applied. I was just proud of myself for trying.

But last week, I got an email that made my heart skip a beat.

I WAS CHOSEN as part of the very first Heidi Swapp Media Team!!!

I can't tell you how much this means to me...

I've been following Heidi around (not literally...don't worry) for at least 10 years...buying her products, stalking her websites, loving her out-of-this-world this is really a DREAM COME TRUE!

I can't wait to get started with this team.

Here are the other girls who were selected:

Lindsay Bateman
Jennifer Evans
Jamie Pate
Kim Jeffress

I'm so excited to be inspired by all of their talent...and I hope I can do some inspiring as well...

Hang on to your hats, are in for some F.U.N.!


  1. Very cook! Congrats, and have fun!

    1. Cook? Cook? This is what you get when I try commenting before 8 am!

  2. Congratulations! I'm over-the-moon for you!

  3. Maggie, that's just so awesome ... congratulations! And I'm not even one bit surprised. You are SO talented ... your paper crafts and scrapbook layouts just totally inspire and amaze me. Can't wait to see what you do!!

  4. That's awesome Maggie!!! Congratulations!!!

  5. Congrats, Maggie! So very exciting!

  6. Sounds fun, does that mean more paper craft tutorials to come?!

  7. Congrats Ms. Maggie.....I am super happy for you and hope this opens to more opportunities for you to share you wonderful crafts......they are brillant!! It pays off to take the risk....traci

  8. maggie...
    hi! i am jamie...
    and i totally relate to your post...
    no hope of even making this team but knew i needed to go for it just the same or i would disappoint myself.
    congratulations for being placed on the team...looking forward to getting to know you and 'bonding' through our media team events.
    hope it's o.k. that i link you up over on my blog...

  9. wooohoooooooooooo I think you have echoed all our thoughts about applying...but wowowowow what an incredible experience it is going to be , so look forward to getting to know you

  10. Oh wow Maggie! That is fantastic! Congratulations!

  11. Yayyyy!!! So so so happy for you! You are going to fit in perfectly over there!! Just perfect!

  12. YAY MAGGIE!!! You deserve it! :) Go get em girl!!!

  13. That's awesome! So excited for you!!

    Now please tell me what a media team is! lol

  14. Congratulations! I adore Heidi's work as well and all of her products, so I know what a dream this must be for you! I cannot wait to see what you and the other designers create. Good luck and ENJOY,

  15. Oh my goodness! HUGE congrats! Fun for all!!!!

  16. Congratulations! I am so,happy for you.

  17. So excited to be working with you! ;) Love your beautiful style!

  18. Congrats! I'm glad to know I'm not the only who has been following Heidi around. ((wink)) I totally love her- her style, work,products and as a person! I can't wait to see what you create with her products!

  19. Awesome job!! You deserve this! What a dream!!


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