slowing down...

I have a secret.

This time of year can be crazy.

Yep. That's my secret. Oh, already knew that?

Well, here's another secret.

It's OK to just stop for a minute. Just stop and breathe and relax.

It's OK if the house isn't decorated perfectly. It's OK if the Christmas card photos aren't spectacular. In fact, it's OK if you don't even send out Christmas cards this year...what?!?! Gasp!!! Yes...I know. But it is. It's OK.

We (me included) tend to forget that Christmas is going to come no matter we may as well be calm and happy and ready to enjoy it...every single minute of it...whether the boys have their hair cut, or the lawn lights get put out, or 20 kinds of cookies get baked, or whatever...(insert your pressure situation here). Just because it's on Pinterest and it's gorgeous and your favorite blogger has already made 274 of (whatever) doesn't mean you have's OK.

This year I am vowing to slow down. Just. slow. down.

And breathe.

And enjoy.

And so far, it's working. I'm happy. I'm not stressed. I'm enjoying the season.

Two weeks until Christmas and all is well.

How are you doing?

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