a whole bunch of photos of me with super-cool people...and a layout with some of Heidi's new products!

So, as many of you may already know, I got to attend my very first CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) Trade Show last week. Holla!

For those that may not already know, let me give you just a quick little rundown. Twice every year, manufacturers and designers in the crafting world get together at a big ol' convention to show off their new collections, designs, products etc. Retail stores and shops that sell crafting items come to the convention to see the new collections and to decide what to buy for their businesses. Cool, huh?

The Winter show is held in Anaheim, CA (my first time in CA!) and it was a blast! Not only did I get to meet the girls on the Heidi Swapp Media Team for the very first time (and let me tell you, these girls are 4 of the most amazing people I've ever met), I got to meet Heidi herself! I don't even know what I can say about Heidi. She has this quality where, as soon as you meet her, you feel like you've known her forever. She is EXACTLY in real life the way she is in her videos and on her blog. So genuine...so real...so beautiful...so hardworking and driven. She's really spectacular. I adore her...

I was also so priveleged to have met and worked with/for Rebecca Cross, the owner of Pink Paislee...she is the business end of the Heidi Swapp empire and she is beyond fabulous.The rest of the team and I worked in the Heidi Swapp/Pink Paislee booth during the show, taking orders and meeting tons of people...and it was the coolest!

Heidi released a few new collections at this show - particularly her Serendipity, Color Pop and Clear Pop lines, and they were received with over-the-top great reviews! Woo hoo!!! It was really just so neat to see how buyers went crazy over her products and how she really is an innovator in the scrapbooking industry. Her work is so completely different than anyone else's and that really stands out when you see all of the new products in one spot.

Here is just one of the layouts I completed with a some of the new product (which will be shipping to stores in March!).

The background paper is "New Day" from the new Serendipity line...I love the different patterns/colors going on here...

The banners are from the Clear Pop collection, and they are beyond cool...talk about subtle with a huge impact...

And here are some more of the Clear Pop Banner Delights and a Clear Pop Tab.

So perfect, right? Yep.

Aaaaand, lest you think my trip was all work and no play, here are some photos I got with all of the amazing people I got to meet at the show! ...if you've ever wondered what I look like under terrible lighting, let me show you...a whole bunch of times...

Here is our whole Media Team...Lindsay Bateman, Jennifer Evans, Heidi Swapp, Kim Jeffress, ME!, Maridette Cachola & Jamie Pate...

And here is the team the very first morning of the show...at breakfast...

And now, a closer look at just a few of the people that had me completely starstruck...it's sooooo cool to meet people you have stalked  followed, bought product from, dreamed to be like...

Here I am with Ali Edwards...yes, THE Ali Edwards...creator of December Daily and One Little Word and the just the sweetest girl...she was so humble and so cute and she had on the most adorable jacket and skirt...;)

Next up is Christy Tomlinson (here with me and Jennifer Evans)...of Scarlet Lime and She Art fame...she is the most adorable, liveliest, most darling person. She has a line of products with Pink Paislee and it was so neat to see how excited she was to see her work on display...

Amy Locurto (Living Locurto and I {Heart} Faces)...what can I say about Amy...she is just beautiful inside and out. She has a new line of scrapbooking and party supplies with Pebbles Inc. that are so darling and she was just so kind to us. We were passing by her booth and I happened to turn and see her out of the corner of my eye. I immediately stopped and ran back to her and gushed to her over how much I love her blogs...I'm a dork, I know...but she was wonderful.

Here is the team (minus the dear sweet Kim Jeffress, who had a family emergency and wasn't able to be with us during the show) with Tim Holtz. Tim is an amazing talent and is one of the coolest guys I've ever met. He was all smiles and jokes and he really made us feel welcome in his booth. We caught him at the very end of a very long day and he was just kind and solicitous...it was really great. Plus, he is caaaaa-ute!!!

Maggie Holmes of Maggie Holmes Design is definitely "the real deal" - I still can't get over how fun and sweet she was. I have taken a couple of her online classes, and have been reading her blog and drooling over her scrapbook layouts for years and I was seriously in awe of her. She has a brand new line, too, with Crate Paper, and let me tell you...this is a line I WILL own ALL of...it's just that amazing.

Elizabeth Kartchner (Dear Lizzy) is another designer I have been following for years. This girl is so adorable and so talented...and she has the absolutely MOST DARLING family. She, too, has a new line with American Crafts that is right up my alley...take a look at the video her husband, Collin, shot at the show...so cute.

And finally (well, I have tons more photos, but I can tell you're getting a little antsy...) I stumbled across a few of my favorite bloggers at the show, too!!!

Vivienne Wagner (The V-Spot), Bev McCullough (Flamingo Toes) and Katie Waltemeyer (Sweet Rose Studio) were all at the show doing demonstrations. Some seriously awesome talent here, folks...it was soooo fun to meet them in real life!!!! Love these gals...

I'm still trying to process all of the amazing things that came from being at that show - it's pretty overwhelming...truly. Don't be surprised if I think of more to share...

And, I'd love to know...who are your blog/craft world crushes??? Have you ever met them???


  1. this is great, maggie.
    you wrote each one up in perfect prose. love the enthusiasm i still feel from your photos and words.
    sigh...it was just great all around.

  2. Looks like so much fun!!! I've never met any of my blogging buddies, but would love to some day :)

  3. loved to read your thoughts... love you and yes, i got to meet you, a serious blog crush. ;)

  4. Its been wonderful watching you and the rest of the Heidi Swapp dream team sharing their CHA experience. I have enjoying reading and watching your adventure and have been inspired and VERY jealous. Thank you for sharing lovely Maggie :-)

  5. What a fun roundup Maggie! I'm so excited that I finally got to meet you!! It was definitely one of the highlights of the show! :)

  6. What terrific photos! Your faces say it all... "Wonderful"! So great to see a face with the many blogs that I follow. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  7. Fun to read! I just found your blog through the Studio Calico "Bright Ideas" class. Looks like CHA was a lot of fun - I would LOVE to meet Amy Tan!
    Cathy L.


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