Valentine's Day Paper Candy Cones

Warning...this post has A LOT of photos...and by "A LOT," I mean excessive...(smile)

I'll admit it...I'm not a super-huge fan of Valentine's Day. Not because of any bad experiences...I've just never been all that "into" it. I don't decorate my house for it, I don't bake cute little heart-shaped brownies and cookies, I don't send darling little love notes to my husband and kids. And, if the truth be told, I'm the Mom that doesn't buy my kids' Valentine cards for her kids' friends until the last possible moment (and yes, I said "buy" the cards...I don't hand-make them).

This year, however, I decided I wanted to do something a little different (you have to keep 'em guessing, right?). So I whipped up some really fun little paper cones for my kids and their teachers and a few of their friends...cute little paper cones that hold yummy yummy Valentine's Day CANDY! Yay!

For each of the cones I started with a piece of Heidi Swapp 12"x12" paper and cut it to 8"x8".

I wrapped the paper into a cone shape, hot-glued the bottom flap and stapled the top to keep the cone's shape. I grabbed my wax paper (my absolute favorite), made another cone and slipped it into the first cone. I folded any excess wax paper over the top of my cone and hot glued it down.

I cut a variety of Digital Banner Delights out of a number of different papers and hot-glued them over the wax paper at the top of the cone.

On each of the cones I added a Vintage Chic Note with the name of the recipient, and then I just embellished those babies up...

I punched a hole on either side of the top of the cones and tied on a length of seam binding that can be used to hang the cone.

On a few of the cones I attached a fun little dangle to the bottom. To do this, I first threaded a length of monofilament cord through the cone (before I added the wax paper), I attached my little embellishment to the bottom of the cord and then hot-glued the top of the cord to the inside of the cone.

I had so much fun making these little cones...

...and I'm amazed by the possibilities with this project...

...I switched things up a bit on Owen's cone and put the Banner Delight on upside-down...

...honestly, these can be made so easily for boys or girls, for any occasion, in any combination of colors. I dare say this may be the very first Valentine's Day I've been excited about in years...

How about you? What are you making/buying for the the kids and their teachers this year? Anything special?


 photo HS00794_ColorShine_BlackVelvet_zps376902a0.jpg photo HS00791_ColorShine_GoldLame_zps17209b30.jpg photo HS00800_ColorShine_SweetCherry_zpsa035e85e.jpg photo HS00797_ColorShine_Primrose_zpsb43f9ad8.jpg photo HS00795_ColorShine_Mustard_zps9ddd74fd.jpg photo HS00802_ColorShine_TropicanaTeal_zps8dc41e3a.jpg
 photo HS00731_HeidiSwapp_12x12_Papers_zps1bdccd43.jpg  photo 00683_SugarChic_12x12PaperPack_zps688bdb3a.jpg photo 00680_NoLimits_12x12PaperPack_zps2961bc72.jpg photo HS00751_HeidiSwapp_ColorMagic_ChipboardAlphas_zps661f52c0.jpg photo HS00739_HeidiSwapp_BlackWhite_Letters_zps4711ad10.jpg photo HS00737_HeidiSwapp_VintageChic_Letters_zpsb1bffdad.jpg
 photo 00657_SugarChic_PagePennants_zpsf820be87.jpg  photo nolimits_pennants_zps26b86d2f.jpg photo 00643_SugarChic_Stix_zps21aa587d.jpg photo Stix_triumph_zpsa2328268.jpg photo 00677_DayGlow_NeonLetters-copy_zps21c82911.jpg photo HS00745_HeidiSwapp_MemoryFile_MiniInstaframes_zps3356e45b.jpg
 photo HS00738_HeidiSwapp_BlackWhite_BuzzWords_zpsa90b45aa.jpg  photo HS00734_HeidiSwapp_VintageChic_MiniTags1_zps44476b7d.jpg photo HS00748_HeidiSwapp_TrimmingsFlowers_zpsdf9faae1.jpg photo HS00749_HeidiSwapp_SentimentStickers_zpsbf613b4e.jpg photo HS00733_HeidiSwapp_VintageChic_PaperBanners_zpsa986a08e.jpg photo 00665_MemoryFile_ColorLabels_zps2462ed6d.jpg
 photo 00648_Sunshine_TrimmingsChevron_zps3cae91b4.jpg photo 00685_SugarChic_BannerDelights_zps2ef5d9e3.jpg photo HS00735_HeidiSwapp_VintageChic_Notes_zps2d7decce.jpg photo PP00783_ResistableChipboardStars-copy_zps888144dd.jpg photo PP00784_ResistableChipboardArrows-copy_zpsb514af31.jpg photo PP00782_ResistableChipboardHearts-copy_zpsff64d829.jpg

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