Fun paper treats for your Easter basket...

Today on the Heidi Swapp blog I am sharing a really fun (and easy!) little paper craft you can make for Easter baskets this year!

Head on over to check them out!

The basic tutorial for these fun little carrots is here...please note...this tutorial is for the sour cream container make little carrots, simply add a strip of cut paper to one of the ends before you close it to make the leaves...

Have a fantastic weekend! My kids are on Spring Break next week...oh my gosh...kill me now. Here's to good weather, non-crazy kids and tons of coffee...(smile).


  1. These carrots are darling !! Lucky me, I found a marvelous scrapbooking website that just received all the new Color Pop & Clear Pop & stuff from the Heidi Swapp collection. My "truckload" of an order should arrive tomorrow. So exciting ! Once I calm down...I'll get these adorable carrots made and filled for Easter baskets. Thank you for this great idea !
    Linny Park

  2. what a fun fun project.
    love your sweet touches.
    here's to spring break...
    welcome to my world everyday!!!

  3. Oh Maggie only you could have created such an amazingly fun project, LOVE them!


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