Road Trip Game Printables

All week on the Heidi Swapp blog, we have been sharing fun games for you and your family to enjoy this summer...

Today I'm sharing some games you can play on all of your summer road trips...woo hoo!

We usually vacation close enough to home that we drive to all of our destinations...but those long car trips can be soooooo boring. The kids are usually really good in the car, but it always helps to have something to do.

These games are not fact, you probably play them all the time during road trips. I know we do.

But usually I'm searching high and low for paper for paper for everyone, pens for everyone, etc. So I've decided to make some printables (using some AWESOME graphics from Heidi's digi-shop) you can keep in the car and use time and time again...even if you're just running to the store.

Here's a quick preview of the games...

...a fun alphabet-find game that anyone can play!

...the license plate search...a favorite in our family...

...and Road Trip fun!

To read more and to download all of the game printables, click here...

I'd love to see how you use these games on your next road trip! Post your photos on IG and tag me, @midwesterngirl5 - yay!

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