Project Life - Week 6

Woo hoo!

Week 6 is done, man!

I can hardly believe I'm caught up (I know I keep saying that, but I'm seriously impressed with myself)... In fact, I've actually finished 2 weeks from LAST year that I hadn't done yet...what?!?! I know...I know. It's pretty amazing.

OK - so week you go...

I feel like I'm kinda feeling my groove here with the 6x8 Handbook size. For me, working with the smaller size is is so much easier...and so much more doable. You know, maybe it's just practice, though, because the 2 weeks I've done from last year (in the 12x12 format) have gone pretty smoothly, too. Who knows...either way...whatever.

This week I had a few extra photos I wanted to add, so I cut down a 6x8 page protectors to 3x8 and stuck it in the middle of the two pages above in my album.


I've also found that it's waaaay easier (for me) to work with a completely limited amount of materials for each week. In other words, I've been using the current Studio Calico PL kit for the entire month...and not really straying from it unless there is something different I need. It's fantastic, because I'm using up my that.

*Quick tip: Resize your photos in a photo-editing program so that they fit onto a pre-made card...funky sizes add visual interest to your spreads...

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