Were you there?!?! At reveal???

Have you seen the new kits????

Amazing, right? Per usual...

I've been so excited to show you my gallery for these kits! Are you ready?

This layout was created with the Main Kit digitals, no nothin'...I used the little star mask as a frame for my photo in this one...I love it, I love it, I love it.

Here's another one I made with the Main Kit alone...I'm quite sure the Mr. Huey's Ink Dauber is my new best friend...

This layout was created with these kits: Main, Merlin & Guinevere...along with the printables by Tina Azsmus & In A Creative Bubble. I printed my printables out on book paper and vellum this month. I really love the different look it gives the pieces...

I love this little layout. Maybe it's the photo...maybe it's the colors...maybe it's the paper. It's probably all of that. I made this one with the Main Kit, the Guinevere Add-On & the cut files by In A Creative Bubble, and the printable labels by Hello Forever. I printed those out on vellum, too & I really like the subtle look it gives to my page.

Here's a two-pager I created with the Main Kit, Excalibur, Guinevere & Merlin Add-Ons, the printable labels by Hello Forever, and the printable journal cards & shapes by In A Creative Bubble, Tina Azsmus & Hello Forever. Again...that ink dauber...oh my gosh. I may just need one of these in every single color.

Here's one I made with the Excalibur Kit ONLY...crazy, right?! Just the add-on? Yeah...I's 'cause it's awesome.

And again! Excalibur Kit only...OH! I did add some digitals to this one...Paige Evans' Dot Scallop Background

And there you go! 

What did you grab at reveal? I'm dying to know who got what!

Check back tomorrow to see what I scooped up during the mad rush!

And for more inspiration using these amazing kits, check out the rest of the Creative Team Gallery here.

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