Mojito Freeze - my favorite summertime sweet treat...

The following is a post that first went live in June's such a fantastic dessert I wanted to share it again...

I hope you love it!


Today I am featuring Summer Food & Drink I wanted to share my all-time FAVORITE summer dessert...Mojito Freeze!

I made this dessert for the first time a couple of summers ago, and it has become a staple for us at summer parties. I adapted my recipe from one that I originally found in the Kraft Food & Family Magazine...but the original recipe is just as wonderful.

To download this recipe, simply click "download"...

Here are a couple tips I have learned from making this a number times...

*Make sure your cream cheese is really really really, really soft. If it's not completely softened there will be clumps of cream cheese in your dessert...
*Also be sure to completely freeze your's much better that way.
*The finer you can chop your mint, the will give you a much more even flavor.
*And...(here is where I've adapted the recipe)...I like A LOT more pretzals & lime in my I've doubled these amounts. Again, the recipe is fantastic without doing this, but I like it just a little tangier and saltier...yum.

I hope you enjoy this yummy treat as much as we do!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Your delicacy is simply amazing. Not difficult to prepare. Looks great. And the most important thing is that it in itself is also a summer one, which is now very suitable for true gourmets.


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