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Sending out Christmas cards is something I look forward to doing every year.

But some this one...I'm just not prepared. 

Some this one...I find myself behind the eight ball, with just a week or so left before Christmas, rain in the forecast, busy-kid schedules and nighttime that comes just way too quickly.

I finally found a spare 30 minutes this past Monday. My boys got home at 2:45 and were able to get changed and ready. My daughter jumped off the bus at 3:45 and had just a few minutes to freshen her makeup and throw on a sweater. 

And we were off!

I had seen a Christmas tree lot, not too far away (about a 10 minute drive), and thought it would make the perfect backdrop for this year's photos. 

All I need was one shot. Just one shot. Nothing fancy. Just everyone looking into the camera at the same time.

We got to the lot with only a bit of light left to spare. Did I mention it had been cloudy all day, and now, at 4:00 pm, it already looked like darkness was setting in?

Kinsley had brought her Instax Camera along and started snapping some photos while I was getting everything ready on my end.

She got some really fun shots...

And the kids looked so cute posing for the Instax I couldn't help but pull out my phone and take some photos of them taking photos!

Realizing I had a job to do, I grabbed my camera bag, threw my camera around my neck and arranged the kids in the middle of the Christmas tree forest.

I went to turn on my camera, and nothing.


The camera battery I had been charging all day was still sitting in the charger at home.



Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans.

I told the kids to jump back into the car. We were going to get this photo taken come Hell or high water. 

We raced back home, and I grabbed the battery from the charger. I threw it into my camera and told the kids to run across the street to the neighbor's backyard...she lives up against a forest preserve.

The light was fading - FAST - and I told the kids to just stand near a tree a smile - QUICK!

God love them, they did exactly what I asked and I was able to grab a few shots.

I uploaded the photos and found one that was halfway decent...thank goodness.

Through the magic of Photoshop (hello, magic-hour-lighting), Walgreen's 1-hour premium card printing, and a 50% off coupon, our Christmas cards in hand before bedtime.

It was a Christmas miracle.

And the kids had fun doing a little photographing of their own!

Now I just have to get those babies mailed.

Are you still looking for that perfect Christmas gift to give just about anyone on your list?

Why not give the gift of memory-making? 

Instax cameras & Heidi Swapp accessories available Michaels stores and

Merry Christmas everyone!


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