Best Night Ever | Heidi Swapp Lightbox

Happy Friday, everyone!

And Happy National Pizza Day!

Really...if you're going to celebrate any obscure holiday, it might as well be National Pizza Day, right?

To get ready for our celebration (which actually should be called, "Thank Goodness I Don't Have to Cook Tonight Day"), I put together a little Heidi Swapp Lightbox vignette on our bar cart...complete with our "instructions" for the evening...

Best night ever, right?

And don't you just love the typeface on this megapack of Lightbox slides?!

Whimsical & fun but still so cool...

The one thing I didn't love about it, though, was that the pack came with only 1 "Z."

So I made my own!

Along with all the options Heidi has in fonts & colors for her Lightbox slides, she also has created blank slides...perfect for just this dilemma.

I grabbed one of the blank slides and held it over my "Z" slide...then I simply traced around the letter with a Sharpie. 

And done!

Works perfectly.

We like to think of ourselves as pizza aficionados around here - I mean we are from I always make sure to get our favorite pizza condiments ready...

Habanero sauce (El Yucateco is THE BEST!), Honey (there's nothing better than pizza crust dipped in honey), Tabasco (both green & red), parmesan, garlic salt & giardiniara are some of our favorites.

Oh man, I can't wait until tonight!

How are you going to enjoy your pie tonight?

Have a great weekend! And thanks so much for stopping by!

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