DIY your own planner dashboard! | Heidi Swapp

Every year, around this time, my dad used to say, "Well, we're finally on the right side of winter."

I always loved that expression...and I'm in full agreement! The end of winter is definitely the "right side" as far as I'm concerned.

As we move closer & closer to spring, I get more and more excited about all that lies ahead.

Warmer weather, of course, but also longer days, the sounds of the kids playing outside, and weekends spent on the patio with friends & family.

I've created this planner dashboard as a way to dress up my Memory Planner in anticipation of spring, and as a reminder that now really is the perfect time for a new beginning...

Take a look at the following little video to see just how I created my newest planner accessory...

Here's all you'll need to create your own!

  • The dashboard .pdfs below (download one of these, or create your own!) - these are available in both Classic & Personal Memory Planner sizes. If you're printer can't print custom-sized paper (i.e. 6x8 or 4x7.25), download & print the 8.5x11 option and trim around the outline provided. If your printer CAN print custom-sized sheets, feel free to download the .pdfs without the 8.5x11 tag...these options are pre-sized to fit directly into your planner.
  • Laser Printer - to print a "Minc-able" image. See Heidi's favorite HERE.
  • A Heidi Swapp Minc Foil Applicator
  • Minc Reactive Foil
  • Stickers/washi tape/other embellishments. Mine are from the new Heidi Swapp Fresh Start collection
  •  Laminating pouches
  • Hole punch/Planner Punch Board/binding machine

And here are the design .pdfs...

Don't have a Minc, but still want to create the dashboard?

No worries! Download the design, print it out & dress it up however you wish!

I'd LOVE to see what you create with this design! Upload your photos to Facebook or Instagram and tag me (@maggiemassey) so I can oooh & aaah and your beautiful work!

Thanks so much for taking a look!

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