Foodie Gifts for Your Holiday Hostess


The holiday season is in full-swing and I can't say I'm upset about it.

In fact, I've already started to prepare all of the little gifts I always seem to need at a moment's notice.

There are few things worse during party-season than making last minute plans and not having a little gift ready, and I truly believe that you should never show up to anyone's house with your arms swingin'. 

In other words...always bring something for your hostess.

No need to knock yourself out, though!

Let someone else do the baking/ focus on the pretty packaging.

In an effort to take my own advice, and, to prepare for the next few weeks, I took a little trip to both Trader Joe's and Aldi and stocked up on a few little edible gifts.

Then I dug through my stash and pulled out some of my favorite Emerson Lane papers and embellishments.

I also grabbed this incredible paper stack from DCWV.

Then I got started dressing up my cookies and candies and getting them ready to be given away.

First, I wrapped the chocolate bars with some paper and label stickers. 

Because the candy was wrapped in such a fantastic package to start, I didn't have to do much to make it holiday-ready.

Next, I used my WeR Memory Keepers Goodie Bag Guide to create a little bag to hold the Birthday Cake Popcorn, which, by the way, tastes EXACTLY like Crunch Berries cereal and almost didn't make it long enough to be photographed...;)

I used a piece of Emerson Lane Vellum Specialty paper to create my bag, and I tucked in a piece of wax paper before adding the popcorn.

I love that you can make so many different goodie bag sizes with the Guide. It really is a great little party-favor tool.

The Gift Bag Punch Board was up next.

Oh man, I just LOVE this bag.

Add some parchment paper and a beautiful bow, and your recipient will never know you didn't spend hours baking & wrapping!

Now, the other punch boards are AWESOME...but the Gift Box Punch Board is definitely my go-to gift-wrapping tool.
You can create a million different-sized boxes and they are perfect for wrapping any kind of gift! 

I would LOVE to open this box filled with absolutely delicious dark chocolate stars! And when I say delicious, I mean "oh man, why did I eat one because now I can't stop" delicious.

Little individual boxes of gingerbread men would make the perfect gift to go along with a hot-chocolate bar or kids Christmas party.
And what goes better with a perfect little box than a perfect little bow?
Thank goodness for the WeR Memory Keepers Bow Loom.

It will be your new best friend.

Making bows with this loom is SO EASY...and SO FAST...and - huge bonus - takes like no skill at all.

You simply choose your bow size, wrap your ribbon around the pre-measured "teeth" as many times as you want (each wrap-around will create another loop in your bow)...

...tie a length of string tightly around the middle of your "bow," and then adhere a small piece of ribbon over the string to cover it and to complete your bow.

The perfect finishing touch.

And one of the coolest things about using these amazing punch boards to create your wrapping is that you can completely customize your gift just by using different patterned papers.

And, let's face it, we all have enough paper to create bags or boxes for everyone in the entire civilized world, amiright?

Please don't tell me it's just me.

Anyway, I'd love to see how you're decorating your hostess gifts this year!

Tag me - @maggiemassey - on Instagram with your best gift wrap ideas!

And have a wonderful Thanksgiving...

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