Pom Poms! With the new Heidi Swapp Pom Pom Maker

If you've been on any social media platforms lately, then you know that yarn crafts are SO ON-TREND right now...and pom pom projects are a HUGE part of that trend!

Heidi Swapp recently released a Pom Pom Kit as a part of her latest collection, Handmade by Heidi - available now on joann.com, and I've been doing my part in making sure that trend keeps going strong...

This fantastic kit comes with 4 pom pom makers...each creating a different sized pom pom...as well as a needle and string (to help you create banners & garland with your finished pom poms!).

Here's a quick run-down on how the poms are made...

1. Each little pom pom maker has 2 sets of two “arms” that pull away from the center plastic circles. You begin your pom pom by winding your yarn around each of these sets…over and over again…making sure to completely cover the arms.
2. This is how 1 set of arms looks completely wound with yarn. Fold this set of arms into the pom pom maker.
3. Now, go ahead and wrap the other set of arms the same way. Here’s how your little pom pom maker will look once you’ve folded both sets of arms in.
4. Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut through the yarn in the space between the arms in each set.
5. Here’s how your pom pom maker will look once you’ve cut through the yarn on one side.
6. Wrap a length of yarn around the middle of your pom pom maker and pull tight…then, tie a knot.
7. Pull back each set of arms from your pom pom.
8. Now pull your pom pom maker apart in the middle and there you have it! A perfect little pom pom!

And here are a couple of projects I've created using my kit!

This first one is probably my favorite...

This door hanger was so fun to make...and it can be customized any way you like it!

Create different-sized/colored pom poms and tassels & arrange them in any order you like!

I love the way this little hanging garland looks draped over my daughter's door knob...it adds just the perfect touch of color & texture to her mainly white room.

A garland like this would also look fantastic hung over a closet door knob...that's what I'm going to work on next...one for our entryway closet door.

Find the tutorial I followed HERE.

This pom-pom fringed throw was something I created in earlier this month, and blogged about on Heidi's site. 

Isn't it just the most adorable blanket?!

Read all about how it came together HERE.

And, because I had a few extra little white pom poms left over after creating my throw, I decided to tie one to my keys...just for fun...

I think it's the perfect little addition.

Pom poms are the perfect little easy to make craft...just take a look at all of the pom pom ideas Pinterest has!

Grab your Pom Pom Kit now (and ON SALE!) on joann.com...and tag me @maggiemassey with all of your fantastic pom pom crafts!

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