...I'm at WhipperBerry today!...

You read that right...WhipperBerry...wanna read it again? WhipperBerry. Yep, I said it. WhipperBerry.

Oh. yeah.

Come on over to see today's project!

And if you're here visiting from WhipperBerry, thank you so much for stopping by! Please stay as long as you like...I hope you see some things that inspire you...


  1. Congrats Maggie, feels good to be hanging with the big girls! And to think back when you wanted to change your name! Love the flower symbol and your font, very midwesternish.

  2. Congrats, I am on my way to check out Whipperberry.

  3. Wahoo!!! On my way over there to check it out!!

  4. Whooooaaaa, I love Whipperberry! Good for you! All right, I'm heading over . . .

  5. Woot! Good for you! GREAT for you! Playing with the Big Girls! :)

  6. oh yeah baby!!! That's so awesome! You are an inspiration!

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