Party Round-up, a Winner & some complete randomness...

My first ever Everything Halloween party was a smashing success! 168 projects linked up! Woo hoo! I know I've said it before, but it definitely bears guys rock. Thank you so much for your make me so happy. And I hope you all got some wonderful holiday inspiration!

I had so much fun with this party that I think I would like to make a monthly thing...the first full week of each month I'd like to have a themed linky...does that sound good? I think the first week in November will be the Thanksgiving/Autumn linky...the first week in December, the Christmas/Hanukkah/winter celebration linky...the first week in January, the winter linky, etc...I'm already getting so excited for the next one!

But, I digress...I know you all are dying to know who won the super-fantabulous Halloween prize pack, arent' you? Yeah, you are.

Here it is...the winning project was...

#51! Yay! Angela from Love Sweet Love and her Skeleton Vase! Awesome! Congratulations, Angela!
Please contact me at with your address and I will send along your prize...

Just one more thing...and I mean this from the very bottom of my heart...I adore my readers...I really, truly do. You guys mean so much to me...and to see an email from one of you seriously fills me with happiness. I've been a little lax on the return-email thing lately...I don't really have an excuse...I've just been pretty lazy about it. But please, please, please know that I read and love every single note...and I'll say it one more guys rock.

And...just because...I want to leave you with favorite commercial right now...I find myself repeating this over and over and over...cracks me up. every. single. time I see it...

Best part..."well, I read the majority of an article..." Oh my gosh...hilarious...


  1. Ooo!!! Can't wait to check out your next parties :D Thanks again for hosting such a fun Halloween party, I got so much great inspiration from it.

  2. Great idea to have a themed linky the first week of every month! I would definitely look forward to linking up and seeing what every one is working on!!


  3. SOOOOOOOO excited Maggie!!! Thank you Thank you! AND totally love the idea of a themed monthly linky! Why didn't I think of that?! ha ha! Awesome, can't wait!!

  4. I love that commercial too - the first line gets me every time!!

    Yay for more linky parties!!!

  5. I love linkys!!!! I get to meet so many new people! <3

  6. Great idea! I can't wait to keep joining up!

  7. I love that commercial, too!

  8. A monthly party... count me in! Thanks for hosting the Halloween party it was fun. I was amazed at all of the great projects that were submitted. Congrats to Angela! AJ

  9. Hi Maggie :) Yuppers, you know I'm in for a monthly themed linky party! Let us know as far in advance what the theme will be (unless these themes are now set) and we'll get workin'!

    Thanks again for a lovely party!
    Smiles, Suzanne in NW IL


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