Even MORE Features! And last day to link up!

Before I start with today's features...I have a favor to ask...if you haven't done so already, will you please take just a moment to head over to Naptime Crafters to vote for your 3 favorite projects in the American Crafters competition? And, it would be totally rad if you thought my Skeleton Wreath was one of the 3 you like...(smile)

Now...on to the good stuff...

We got waaaay more links than I ever thought there would be...you guys are incredible! And the talent you displayed?!? Oh my heck...awesome. You have until midnight tonight to link up!!!

Here are just a few more ideas that caught my eye...

This adorable hat from Cassie at Something From Cassie is really wonderful...just flip the little sign around on your "not-so-great" days and it says...you guessed it..."I'm the Bad Witch"...love. AND, this little beauty is made entirely from paper...isn't it wonderful?

Ummm...can you say "Holy Cow! These are the most amazing treats ever!!!"? These Lego Minifig Pops by Sugar Swings are out of this world! My boys saw me writing this post and DEMANDED that I show them where these came from...then they spent the next 20 minutes begging me to make them...

This Mummy Cupcake Cake from Trisha at Sweetology is soooo cool...and it doesn't look all that hard to pull off! (Of course, I haven't tried it yet...sometimes the food presentation that I have in my mind and what actually ends up on the plate are like worlds apart...and it NEVER looks this good). I LOVE that she serves them on a tombstone! How clever!

Megan from Mommy Minded made these easy Halloween lunches for her little ones to take to school...now this is a good Mom...a lot of thought was put into these extra little touches, just to make the kids' lunches extra special. Gotta tell ya...my kids are lucky to actually have lunch made for them in the mornings...most days I just beg them to buy the hot lunch...

I love this little vignette that Sami from This Austin Girl designed...super-creep. Her little frame says..."Go Ahead...Have a Taste" - isn't that spooky??? Love it...

This is a project I am definitely doing for the kids' friends...Lowri from PaperVine is a master with paper...truly...she created these little sour cream containers perfect for filling with any little holiday treats...I adore these...and you can make 12 with just one 12x12 sheet of paper...perfect. Lowri has about a million more Halloween projects on her blog right now that are just as fantastic as this one...

OK...now these mod-podged pumpkins from Angela at Love Sweet Love are so cute...Angela (who also happens to be a fellow competitor in the American Crafters competition & who made the COOLEST sound-activated spooky Halloween pillow) is not only adorable, she is soooo talented...she, too, has scads of of Halloween ideas on her awesome blog...

Again, thank you so so much, everyone!!! You guys have really made this party a huge success...hugs & love to you all...


  1. I love the spooky vignette and the good witch hat. Such great ideas.
    I went over and voted for your wreath.
    Good luck!!


  2. Thank you for the feature!! These ideas are fabulous!!! =)

  3. Thanks for the feature - love all these ideas especially Cassie's hat and those amazing lego men!!

  4. Wow, these are amazing!!! The lego men, yep I can hear one little man requesting those already, mummy cupcakes soo cute, fantastic hat and those containers look super fun!! Love them all!!
    Have been enjoying peeking in on all the fun this week, what a great party Maggie!!!

  5. Great Features!! I especially love those little lego men! So cute : )

  6. I thank you for the feature - I am in some awesome company here!!


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