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First let me start by saying that I've got some AWESOME giveaways in the works!!! In fact, I have one starting next Monday that you will NOT want to miss...believe that.

I love them. And I'm always entering them...I'm not always winning (in fact, I very seldom do that), but I'm always entering. The problem I have is keeping track of the giveaways I've entered. And because of that, I've started to worry that there may be some giveaways I've won (???) and never known because I've missed checking the giveaway blog that day, or I've simply forgotten I've entered. Yikes.

But, no more!

I whipped up this little Giveaway Tracker printable so now I can actually keep track (hence, the name "tracker") of the giveaways I've entered...woo hoo!

There are just 3 simple columns...the blog that's hosting the giveaway, the product that's being given away (and it's site address) and the giveaway's end date (along with any notes on the giveaway)...(I just wrote the word "giveaway" or some form of it 4 times in one sentence...betcha didn't think that was possible...). Keeping this info available should help me be just a little more organized...and for me, even a little more organization is a biiiiig plus.

Would you like this little tracker, too? Well, it's yours...go ahead and share it...

Just click the little cloud with the arrow in it to download it to your computer...

And remember...awesome giveaway starting here, Monday!!!

Have a great Thursday, everyone...and thank you so much for reading M{s}G!


  1. What a wonderful idea! I Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very nice! Those giveaways do get very busy! I'm looking forward to Monday :)

  3. So cute! I tend to not enter giveaways a lot because I get mixed up on when they are ending, etc. This is a great idea.

  4. Your post today made me smile because those have been my exact thoughts so many times!! Thanks so much for getting me organized :)

  5. That is a really good idea!! I started emailing my winners, because if you do all the work to sign up to enter, just to miss the post saying you won?? Bummer, right! But I know a lot of people expect you to come back by! Thanks for sharing the printable!

  6. That is a great idea! Whenever I do a giveaway, I always e-mail the winner. I figure, there is no reason to be sneaky or tricky about it :)


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